How it all began


City Group has 5 members:

„Radobolja“ Resort
Restaurant „Del Rio“
City hotel
Caffe bar „Ice“
„City Beach“ apartments

It all started with „Ljetnikovac“ Resort in 2005 as an ideal venue for festive celebrations. Then in 2010., restaurant „Del Rio“ was added which made City Group a synonym for a top service in Mostar.

Two years later, in 2012., City Group got new members: City Hotel and „Ice“ Bar which became luxury destinations located in the center of Mostar.

City Group got bigger in 2014. adding a new member – luxury apartments „City Beach“ in Makarska, which is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the top accommodation with a beautiful view over the Adriatic sea.

All City Group members offer a unique and relaxing atmosphere in the luxurious ambience of rooms and suites, top-of-the-line restaurants with a wide variety of food and drinks, and a bar with a comfortable atmosphere.